Our Mission

Karin Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit with a governing board comprised of volunteers dedicated to bring education to Somali youth. The founders are Somali-Americans who understand the dire need first hand. They were fortunate enough to escape the cycle of poverty in Somalia and now give their time to ensure that 100% of all proceeds go directly toward the development and operations of schools that Karin Foundation supports. Karin Foundation pays zero executive management salaries.  

Karin means “roots” in Somali, and that is what the Karin Foundation is working toward. We provide financial assistance to local educational programs so underprivileged school-aged boys and girls have the opportunity to sink their roots into life-changing knowledge.

Educational Crises, Generations without Hope – Somali children have grown up knowing only a war-torn society that lacks infrastructure and public institutions such as local schools. A recent study indicated that only 42% of primary school age children are enrolled in school,* and less than 8% of secondary school-age children attend school.** Sadly, of those who do attend school, only 36% are female.***

Our Vision

Karin Foundation is determined to be part of the academic solution for many Somali youth. For most families, only one child per generation gets the chance to pursue education opportunity. Whether reducing illiteracy rates in the nomadic villages or educating the next engineer at Burao Academy of Science and Technology, Karin Foundation supports initiatives that are knowledge based and results oriented.
We envision communities in which every child has the chance to read and write without having to remain in perpetual poverty.