Our Projects

Jama Qamar Project

Jama Qabar Middle & Secondary School – Karin Foundation supports both new projects and existing schools. Jama Qabar is located in eastern Somaliland and is one of the existing school Karin Foundation supports. This is true nomadic village in which families continue to move from location to location in search of water and grazing grounds for their animals. Karin supports Jama Qabar to simply give basic education to children who otherwise would not have means to attend school.

In addition to the teachers’ salary, Karin funds provide meals each day for the students.

Burao Academy Project

Working for Change – following 25 years of civil war and political unrest, Somalia’s youth have found themselves in crisis. Few, if any, educational or employment opportunities are available in this divided and unstable part of the world. The children have suffered the most. Without any of the positive influences offered by a peaceful society, many uneducated Somali youths are left with virtually no hope and fall victim to negative influences.

Creating an Environment of Academic Excellence – Burao Academy (BA) of Science & Technology is a Karin Foundation project currently underway in Burao, Somalia. The mission of BA is to offer comprehensive education which is complimented with career training in the scientific and technical fields. We prepare students for real–world situations with a seamless combination of academics along with technical applications and analytical problem solving skills.

BA will prepare junior high and high school age students to become the future engineers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs, community leaders and skilled labor force within Somalia. BA will educate a student body of 300 students (50 students per grade level) with a special emphasis on recruiting a minimum of 25% girls. The goal will be for a 50-50 boy-to-girl ratio within four years of opening. Due to the high demand for quality education within Somalia, we anticipate increasing enrollment to 75 students per grade within three years with an eventual student body of 450 students. We believe education is key to avoiding war, discouraging negative behaviors, eliminating gender inequality and overcoming poverty. We aim to be the school of choice for students and a technical resource for employers throughout East Africa.

Mohamed Ugas Project

Mohamed Ugas Elementary and Middle School – the school is located in Mohamed Ugas village in eastern Somaliland. Similar to other nomadic villages, Mohamed Ugas village struggles with abject poverty.

Ongoing Challenges – Nomadic families from the Mohamed Ugas area live off the land and are vulnerable to reoccurring relocations driven by the climate. The area has rainy and dry seasons. As a result, students from these families have a high dropout rate from school with a slim chance of returning to their education. The lack of ongoing basic education leads to a high rate of adult illiteracy that is estimated to be 90% among nomadic families. Karin Foundation Solution – our goal is to encourage and keep nomadic children in school.